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Chủ đề 25: Máy bay

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Từ vựng Loại từ Pronunciation Ví dụ Hình ảnh Phát âm
phòng đợi (ở phi cảng…)
noun /'laʊndʒ/ Sarah, who had been lounging lazily on a large rock, now opened a single golden eye.
noun /geit/ The car drove through the gate and up the long driveway.
đường băng (ở sân bay)
noun /'rʌnwei/ With the ground as hard as the runways nearby next to the Kintyre course, it seemed a risky strategy.
cabin, buồng
noun /'kæbin/ Don't unbuckle your seat belt until the flight attendant says it is safe to move around the cabin.
phi đội; thủy thủ đoàn
noun /kru:/ In addition to training the ship's crew, there's the matter of getting the air crews shipshape.
phi công, người lái máy bay
noun /'pailət/ During that year, the pilot of an aircraft flying over the ice cap spotted a downed aircraft.
hành lý
noun /'bægidʒ/ Please collect your baggage.
sự nhập cư
noun /imi'grei∫n/ They have agreed to develop a common immigration policy at EU level.
hải quan
noun /'kʌstəmz/ The Customs have seized large quantities of smuggled heroin.
buồng lái (phi cơ, phi thuyền vũ trụ)
noun /'kɒk,pit/ The pilot and gunner cockpits are in a stepped tandem configuration.
xe đẩy hàng
noun /'trɒli/ Clearing customs at an airport terminal, he insists on pushing a luggage trolley.
seat belt
dây an toàn
noun sit belt As we prepared to land, he explained the need to fasten a seat belt.
hành lý
noun /'lʌgidʒ/ Strewn on the tarmac in front of the airplane is luggage and cargo from the plane.
bàn gấp
noun I ate on a tray table.
máy bay
noun /pleɪn/ The airline is known for having images of wildlife on the tails of its planes, and the airline has transferred that marketing effort.
sân bay
noun /'eəpɔt/ And all the hanging around in airports before and between flights is the worst bit of all.
sự bay; đường bay; hướng bay
noun /flait/ I pause to flex my muscles and prepare for flight in case some sort of ghost or troglodyte bursts out to eat our bones or whatever part of us a ghost might eat.
take off
sự cất cánh (máy bay)
verb /'teikɒf/ Any unfound debris on runways could cause damage to aircraft landing and taking off at the airport.’
hộ chiếu
noun /'pɑ:spɔ:t/ The visit has been delayed by India's refusal to issue a passport to one of the members.

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