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Chủ đề 40: côn trùng

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Từ vựng Loại từ Pronunciation Ví dụ Hình ảnh Phát âm
con kiến
noun /ænt/ Bees belong to the third largest insect order which also includes wasps and ants.
con bướm
noun /'bʌtəflai/ We find many examples of this in insects, such as butterflies and Orthopterans.
con ruồi
noun /flai/ On the up side, with the arrival of the rain came the departure of the flies.
con chuồn chuồn
noun /'drægənflai/ To get the details, a field team has been fitting green darner dragonflies with radio transmitters.
con ong
noun /bi:/ My mom is a real busy bee around Christmastime.
ong vò vẽ
noun /wɒsp/ When a male wasp crashes into the orchid, it gets covered with orchid pollen.
con bứơm đêm
noun /mɒθ/ The moth was fluttering round the lamp.
bọ cánh cứng
noun /'bi:tl/ Adult beetles hide in soil during the day and fly to trees to feed at night.
con muỗi
noun /mə'ski:təʊ/ Another technique for fighting disease is the releasing of sterile mosquitoes.
con ve sầu
noun /si'keidə/ The male cicada makes a loud, high-pitched sound.
đom đóm
noun /ˈgloʊˌwɚm/ While some locals have ascribed the lights to UFOs, others blamed swarms of fireflies or even glow-worms.
con rệp
noun /'bʌg/ There's a bug in my soup!
rận, chấy
noun /laʊs/ Head louse is small, wingless insects that can get on the hair and scalp of humans.
con dế mèn
noun /'krikit/ Now they know that male crickets are able to make a high pitched sound which humans cannot hear.
bọ xâu tai
noun /'iəwig/ Even earwigs can be useful because they eat aphids, codling moth eggs and the red spider mite.
con phù du
noun /'meiflai/ He could have added that they also consumed mayfly larvae, caterpillars, beetles, and ants.
ruồi nhuế
noun /midʒ/ Bites from midges, mosquitoes and mites are normally very itchy.
con bọ ngựa
noun /'mæntis/ It looks like a preying mantis, has a huge hook to snare its prey and is coming to a rocky shoreline near you.
con mối
noun /'tɜ:mait/ The house has a lot of termite damage.
con gián
noun /ˈkɒkrəʊtʃ/ The kitchens were discovered to be infested with cockroaches.

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